President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has stated that the Administration is actively seeking a solution for reducing tariffs levied on fish exports to the Republic of Türkiye. The President made the remarks at the media briefing held upon his arrival at Velana International Airport (VIA) today, after concluding his official visits to the Republic of Türkiye and the United Arab Emirates.

Describing momentous highlights of his visit to Türkiye, President Dr Muizzu noted that a key agreement was signed between the two nations on increasing trade and commerce in the Maldives. Furthermore, the President highlighted that the volume of trade activity between the Maldives and Türkiye would increase by twofold within the year.

Elaborating on the discussions held with Türkiye, the President noted that officials are actively working towards granting an exception to the Maldives to reduce the high tariff rate currently levied on fish products exported from the country.

Emphasizing the significance of the economic agreement signed during his visit, President Dr Muizzu highlighted the enhancement of trade relations, as stipulated in the agreement, is already underway. With the assurance received from Turkish authorities to facilitate investments, the President expressed optimism in attracting an increased influx of Turkish investments into the Maldives, particularly in sectors such as tourism.