President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, in a televised press conference held at the President's Office Monday morning, urged the incoming administration to maintain the principles of good governance and persist with the developmental initiatives instigated for the welfare of the citizens during his tenure.

President Solih affirmed that his administration is pursuing legal avenues to ensure a seamless transition of power to the president-elect on November 11, 2023, without any legal hindrances. He expressed his aspiration for the president-elect to assume office on the date mentioned earlier.

President Solih highlighted the measures to ensure a smooth governmental transition in the press conference. He reminisced about his meeting with President-elect Dr Mohamed Muizzu and the establishment of a dedicated transition committee aimed at facilitating a peaceful and orderly transition of power. He conveyed his optimism about the transition process proceeding devoid of any complications.

Despite facing significant challenges, President Solih took pride in delivering substantial and beneficial services to the public during his term. He expressed his gratitude to the citizens for their trust in him throughout his five-year term. He further extended his heartfelt appreciation to his cabinet ministers, employees of the President's Office, Members of Parliament aligned with the administration, government employees, and personnel working at government offices and state-owned enterprises (SOEs).

In the course of the press conference, President Solih also responded to journalists' inquiries on a variety of topics.