Vice President Faisal Naseem underscored the instrumental role parents play in the holistic development of their children on Tuesday and urged them to foster an environment conducive to the growth of productive citizens who can make significant contributions to society. He made these remarks during his speech at the closing ceremony of the Quran Recitation Competition organised by the Island Council on K. Gaafaru Island.

Addressing the gathering, Vice President Naseem underscored the profound lessons to be gleaned from the Holy Quran, particularly the prescribed Islamic etiquette and virtue. He highlighted the importance of fostering an early appreciation for the Quran, encouraging the practice of Tajweed for beautiful recitation, and promoting a deeper understanding of the verses' meanings. Furthermore, he accentuated the benefits of Arabic language study, reinforcing its significance in comprehending the Quran's teachings.

In the face of modernisation and changing times, the Vice President called on all members of society to take proactive steps towards enhancing child-rearing practices. He further implored parents and educators to exert unwavering efforts to ensure that every student graduates with the necessary skills to excel in any professional field.

The Quran Recitation Competition, an initiative to foster reverence for the Holy Quran among the children of Gaafaru Island, marked its 8th iteration this year. Organised by the Island Council, the competition was segmented into seven age divisions, encompassing both recitations from the book and memorisation categories. Vice President Naseem honoured the occasion by presenting awards to the top three recipients, celebrating their commendable achievements.