President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih urged citizens to seek inspiration from the teachings and life of Prophet Muhammad Rasūl Allāh Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam (PBUH). In his message to the public on the occasion of Eid Milad ul-Nabi, the President emphasised the importance of making amends and rectifying personal conduct in alignment with the Prophet's teachings. This call to action underscores the President's commitment to promoting a lifestyle that embodies the values and principles of Islam.

In his message, President Solih underscored the fundamental essence of Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) teachings and life, particularly as we commemorate the sacred occasion of Eid Milad ul-Nabi. Emphasising that the Prophet's teachings are centred on promoting peace and unity, the President noted that the propagation of Islam by the Prophet was deeply rooted in these values, manifested through acts of forgiveness, empathy, and generosity.

President Solih issued a call to action for the public in his message, urging them to make necessary adjustments and enhancements in their lives by adhering to the Prophet's Sunnah. Emphasising the importance of incorporating these teachings into all facets of our lives, President Solih underscored the significance of embodying fundamental teachings such as respecting parents, maintaining familial and communal bonds, and promoting honesty and integrity.

On a final note, President Solih extended his sincere greetings to the leaders of Muslim nations, Islamic organisations, and all Muslims worldwide in commemoration of this significant occasion. His message is a testament to the unity and shared values within the global Muslim community.