President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Wednesday encouraged individuals who smoke to prioritise their well-being, along with that of their loved ones and the broader community, by giving up tobacco usage. He made these remarks in a statement issued on World No Tobacco Day.

Emphasising the potential for more effective utilisation of financial resources, President Solih appealed to smokers to abandon their smoking habits and redirect the allocated funds towards supporting their families. He highlighted the importance of smoking cessation in minimising the risk of health complications for individuals close to smokers.

Within this context, President Solih expressed that the financial resources saved through smoking cessation possess the potential to contribute towards aiding individuals afflicted by severe illnesses. He further stressed the significant annual expenditure on tobacco production and distribution, amounting to billions of dollars, while underscoring the prevailing challenges of poverty and famine in various regions worldwide.

Reflecting on the World Health Organization's theme for this year's No Tobacco Day, "Grow Food, Not Tobacco," President Solih underscored that this theme aims to foster awareness regarding alternative agricultural practices and marketing avenues for tobacco cultivators. The President added the importance of cultivating sustainable and nutritious crops, encouraging tobacco farmers to explore such viable alternatives.

In conclusion, the President acknowledged the significant associations between tobacco consumption and several perilous non-communicable diseases (NCDs) prevalent within the community.