The Rajanukul Institute of Thailand offered the Maldives scholarship opportunities during a visit to the institution by First Lady Fazna Ahmed. The First Lady visited the institution as part of her ongoing visit to Thailand to attend festivities held in honour of the Thai Queen Mother's 90th birth anniversary.

The Rajanukul Institute, under the Thai Department of Mental Health, is a multi-speciality hospital in Bangkok aimed at advancing and improving the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. At the meeting with the First Lady, senior officials of the institution offered three scholarship opportunities for Maldivian students to enrol in the "Mental Health Care in Children and Adolescents" programme. It commences in January 2023.

As part of her ongoing visit to Thailand, the First Lady attended the opening ceremony of the third International Thai Silk Fashion Week on Tuesday. The event was part of festivities to mark the Thai Queen Mother's birth anniversary. The First Lady also attended the presentation of the Thai Silk designs by Maldivian fashion designer Jaadhulla Ismail on Wednesday.