Guarding the Islamic faith is our duty - President
26 December 2017, Ref: 2017-478

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has stated that the Maldives being an Islamic nation is a true blessing for Maldivians, and therefore guarding the Islamic faith is an obligation for all Maldivian people. The President made this statement while addressing the people of Thulhaadhoo Island of South Maalhosmadulu Atoll this morning.

The President is currently on a three day tour of South Miladhunmadulu, Faadhippolhu and South Maalhosmadulu Atolls.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Yameen stated that the administration gives priority to conduct beach and shore protection projects in islands where the people face extreme soil erosion, especially those residing in close proximity to the island’s shoreline. The President further said that his administration always pays attention to prioritising most urgent cases when conducting programmes in islands.

In his speech, the President noted the action of a few Maldivians who defame the country in the international arena, saying that it was considered as violating the rights of the whole nation. He further stated that a nation’s right is always bigger and more honourable than the rights of the individual person.

Speaking in this regard, the President highlighted that no country would allow another country to interfere in their domestic affairs, and said that Maldivians too, would never tolerate any outside influence into our internal affairs. Continuing on, the President condemned in the strongest terms, the actions of some who call for the involvement of foreign parties in our nation’s internal matters.

In his speech, the President emphasized the social issues being faced by the Maldivian people today, and also shed light on the developmental projects currently underway.

As part of his three day tour of South Miladhunmadulu, Faadhippolhu and South Maalhosmadulu Atolls, the President visited 8 Islands including Thulhaadhoo; the last Island of the tour. During his visit, the President took part in ceremonies held to mark the completion of government projects, and inaugurated key projects in other islands as well.

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