National Pandemic Strategic Committee gives flu updates
27 March 2017, Ref: 2017-79

The National Pandemic Strategic Committee, tasked by President Yameen, to closely monitor the flu and influenza pandemic in the country, has shared the latest updates regarding the situation in the Maldives. The committee gave the briefing today, at a press conference held at the President’s Office.

Members of the Committee include Minister of Defence and National Security H.E. Adam Shareef, Minister of Education Dr. Aishath Shiham, Minister of Health H.E. Abdulla Nazim Ibrahim, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Mohamed Asim, and Minister of Tourism H.E. Moosa Zameer.

Following is the statement issued by the National Pandemic Strategic Committee on the current status:

“The administration is happy to note that the flu and influenza pandemic in the Maldives is under control, as a result of the efforts put in to contain its spread. In the wake of the spread, the administration took timely action based on best practices to mantain the safety of the public. Every decision was taken with consultation from health sector professionals, and with regard to the steps taken internationally.”

“One of the steps taken then was to close all the schools on 14 March 2017. This decision was taken, as would be done typically under such circumstances during a pandemic, as a precautionary step to control the spread. The Administration notes the decrease in new cases of the flu, from said date. With regard to the country’s current status and in an effort to not interrupt school studies, the administration reopened schools on 26 March 2017, with consultation from the technical committee.”

“However, it has come to the attention of the administration that there is still concern among guardians of school children, and a lack of clarity among the public, regarding the current flu status. Hence, a high number of parents and guardians have decided not to send their children to school, even though there is no need for schools to remain closed.”

“Therefore, even though there is no necessity for a closure in a way that would disrupt studies, the administration has however decided to close all schools on islands where new cases of the flu are confirmed, for the remainder of this week, in an effort to lessen public concerns. The Ministry of Education, with consultation from the Ministry of Health will announce the list of schools to be closed.”

“The administration takes this opportunity to thank the doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, and all involved, for their tireless efforts in serving the people. The administration also thanks the guardians of all school children, and the general public for your patience and cooperation.”


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