Government Extends Invitation to the Opposition for the ‎Conference of Political Parties ‎
18 May 2015, Ref: 2015-177

The Government of the Maldives has extended invitations to the members of ‎the opposition to the conference of political parties, held towards ensuring ‎more efficient nation building efforts and countrywide development, as well ‎as to promote solidarity and unity amongst the Maldivian people.‎

In this regard, the Government of the Maldives has proposed the following ‎towards deliberation at the conference;‎

1.‎ Seek solutions within the perimeters of the Maldivian legal system to ‎resolve existing political tensions and differences of opinion towards ‎establishing political reconciliation, and to explore avenues to strengthen ‎national solidarity; ‎

2.‎ Determine measures needed to further improve the constitutional, ‎legislative and judicial models within the country, for the purpose of ‎strengthening the Maldivian democratic system based on our own past ‎experiences and international best practices;‎

3.‎ Encourage the cooperation of all political actors within the country ‎towards the nation building process, and in securing the social and economic ‎development of all Maldivian citizens

The Government has appointed the Minister of Tourism Mr. ‎Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Gafoor, Minister at the President’s Office Mr. ‎Mohamed Hussain Shareef, Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Dr. ‎Mohamed Muizzu and the Minister of Environment and Energy Mr. Thoriq ‎Ibrahim to represent the Government in the proposed deliberations with the ‎Jumhooree and Adhaalath Parties. ‎

Minister of Fisheries and Infrastructure Dr. Mohamed Shainee, Minister of ‎Home Affairs Mr. Umar Naseer Minister at the President’s Office Mr. ‎Abdulla Ameen would represent the Government in the proposed ‎deliberations with the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).‎

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