President Announces Strategies for Giving Financial Support to Local Councils
26 February 2013, Ref: 2013-91

Speaking at the function to mark at national level, the administrative changes brought at a state level following decentralization of administration in the Maldives, President Dr Mohamed Waheed announced strategies for providing financial support to local councils.

In this regard, he said the government planned to give 50 per cent of the rent from Atoll Shops in Male’ to atoll councils, beginning from July this year. In addition, the government would also provide to atoll councils, 50 per cent of the lease rent on uninhabited islands.

The President said he was confident that those changes would further facilitate people oriented development by empowering citizens. He also assured that the government was committed to give further assistance and support to the councils.

Noting that decentralization is a new system for the Maldives, President said there were many challenges to the implementation of the system. He said the government was working to overcome those challenges and to improve service delivery functions of the government through empowering the people.

President said developing local administrations and strengthening links between local councils and national authorities as a way to seek coordinated national development was a top priority of the government. He, therefore, urged all government authorities to give full cooperation to the Local Government Authority.

He also said an important part of the proper functioning of the decentralization system was providing equal assistance and opportunities to the people. He said local councils could function properly only when they set aside political differences and with the cooperation of all.

At the function, President Waheed also launched the annual book on local governance system in Maldives, Councils SOPs and Councils Service Charter.

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