Cabinet Decides to Implement the Action Plan on Maldives Biosphere Reserve
22 January 2013, Ref: 2013-39

Cabinet has decided to implement the Action Plan on making the Maldives a Biosphere Reserve, prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

The Cabinet made this decision today after discussing a paper submitted by the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

During the Rio Summit held last year, President Waheed announced the government’s commitment to make the Maldives a world-renowned Biosphere Reserve by 2017.

Last year UNESCO declared Baa Atoll a Biosphere Reserve.

At the meeting, cabinet decided to establish Biosphere Reserves in other parts of the country, based on the experience of the Biosphere Reserve project in Baa Atoll. Further, in accordance with the sustainable development policy of the government, the cabinet has also decided to open Biosphere Conservation funds in other islands as well, with the underlying objective to advance the country’s economy and directly benefit the livelihood of the people.

Members of the cabinet noted that there has been an increase in the number of tourist arrivals, researchers and nature lovers in the region due to the Biosphere Reserve, contributing significantly to the growth of the tourism sector.

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