Special Attention Must be Devoted to the Issue of Aviation Security - President Waheed
21 January 2013, Ref: 2013-34

President Dr Mohamed Waheed has said that special attention must be devoted to the issue of Aviation Security. He made this remark while speaking at the function to inaugurate the Aviation Security Command. The function was held Monday morning at the Islamic Centre.

President said even though the Maldives is a small country, security challenges faced by the country are not small and are constantly evolving. Indicating that the number of new airlines and private jets coming in to the country has soared, the President however, noted that aviation security has been neglected so far in the Maldives.

Continuing in this regard the President expressed confidence that with the establishment of the Aviation Security Command, the Maldives aviation industry would improve its aviation security to international standards and measures. Moreover, he said, the Aviation Security Command would also open new avenues to develop the aviation security industry of the Maldives.

At the function, President Waheed launched the National Aviation Security Strategy and the Master Plan of the Aviation Security Command.

Highlighting the National Aviation Security Strategy, President Waheed said the strategy would be very helpful for those working in the aviation industry of the Maldives. He also expressed hope that the strategy would facilitate all stakeholders to work towards a common goal.

At the function, the President also launched the website of the Aviation Security Command and presented commemorative plaques to senior officials of the Aviation Security Unit.

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