Statement by the President with regards to the Presidential Elections
14 September 2013, Ref: 2013-420

I am pleased that the first round of voting of the Presidential election, on 7 September 2013, was concluded smoothly and peacefully. However, I am very concerned that there are some very serious allegations regarding the election. It is of utmost importance to resolve these issues by the respective legal and judicial venues, and to ascertain delivery of justice and the rule of law.

In addition, I appeal to all Maldivian citizens to maintain the same peace and harmony in the second round of voting as well, which is scheduled to be held on 28 September 2013. I urge everyone to make it your highest priority, the peace and stability of the country in the upcoming days, and not let your political differences create divisions among us.

Furthermore, in the second round of voting, in my individual capacity, I will be supporting the candidate who is contesting with the second highest votes. I say this because in my opinion, the best path for this country cannot be the weakening of the constitutional framework, breaking the law, arson, or the creation of conflict.

May Allah Almighty bless the Maldivian people, and may this nation be granted with stability, peace and prosperity.

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