President Urges Everyone to be Cautious About the Risks of Adolescent Pregnancy
11 July 2013, Ref: 2013-335

President Dr Mohamed Waheed, in his message on the occasion of World Population Day, has urged parents, and all stakeholders to be cautious about the risks of adolescent pregnancy.

This year’s theme focused on adolescent pregnancy. Referring the theme, President Waheed expanded on the health issues as well as developmental issues associated with adolescent pregnancy.

Noting that adolescent pregnancy was not just a health issue, the President said it was a development issue. He said it was rooted in poverty, gender inequality, violence, and lack of education. In this regard, he stated the importance of providing education, health opportunities for adolescent girls and creating a systems and institutions to protect their rights.

Underlining the social issues associated with adolescent pregnancy, President Waheed said adolescent mothers would lack the skills and capability required to raise a child. As a result, he said, the whole society will be affected by this.

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