Adopting new perspective is the way forward for the education system: President Waheed
20 May 2013, Ref: 2013-248

President Waheed has today said that adopting new perspective is the way forward for the education system of the country. The President made this statement while speaking at the opening ceremony of the National Institute of Education held this morning at the Islamic Centre.

Deliberating on the major changes that have taken place globally since the 1970’s, President Waheed expressed dismay that not much changes had been brought to the education system of the country. In this regard, President underlined the importance of incorporating technological resources to the education system.

President further stressed the need for constant pursuit of new knowledge and information for the development of the country.

Underlining the functions of the National Institute of Education, President Waheed noted that institution should be staffed with teaching professionals and should be managed diligently. Continuing in this regard, President remarked that if the Institution failed to function efficiently, it would affect the education system and the development perspective of the country.

In his speech, President underscored the priority accorded by former leaders and officials of the education ministry in the history of the Maldivian education system. In this regard, President also emphasised the role of overseas graduates in shaping and advancing the education system.

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