President Waheed meets the people of Kulhudhuffushi
04 May 2013, Ref: 2013-217

President Dr Mohamed Waheed has today met with the people of Kulhudhuffushi Island and spoke on the issue of the island’s Road Project being halted, due to numerous reasons. The President underlined that the project needs to resume as soon as possible, and assured that it would continue according to the decision of the people of Kulhudhuffushi.

The President expressed great concern that the people of the island were disheartened because of the cease of the project. Noting it was impossible to please everyone, the President said that he wished work would recommence soon. He further said that trying to cater to everyone’s opinions would get nothing done.

Speaking in this regard, the President requested the people of Kulhudhuffushi to come to an immediate decision on how they wished to proceed with the project. He also asked those responsible for the job to handover to a more capable party if they were unable to complete the project.

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