President lays the foundation stone of Neykurendhoo Friday Mosque
03 May 2013, Ref: 2013-213

President Dr Mohamed Waheed today laid the foundation stone of Neykurendhoo Friday Mosque. The President arrived in Neykurendhoo this morning, as part of his current tour of some islands in the South Thiladhummathi Atoll.

Stressing the need of another mosque in Neykurendhoo, the President noted that this mosque would be built with the assistance from Saudi Arabiya.

Underlining the infrastructural development needed in the island, the President noted the importance of establishing a better sewerage and water system. In this regard he expressed confidence that the systems would be established in the island in the near future.

President Waheed expressed gratitude to the people of Neykurendhoo for their approval on the government decision to construct a prison in the island. The President said that the construction of the building would commence next year.

Noting that Tourism is the largest source of income in the Maldives, the President strongly condemned the efforts of the group of people calling for the boycott of Maldives’ tourism.

Continuing in this regard, President Waheed said that, regardless of how well-developed a country was, every country has political and social problems and issues that need to be resolved. He said that he does not believe that defaming the country, using these shortcomings, was the best for nation’s development.

In his speech, President Waheed reminded the people of our Muslim kinship, and condemned the efforts of a minority of people attempting to create animosity and hatred between families and societies. Noting that animosity was what divides a nation, the President called upon the people not to adhere to such attempts.

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